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Lessons from a life fully lived


Former Singleton resident and now author Jane St Catherine refers to her life as a ‘smorgasbord’. ‘Coz I like to try a bit of everything and I usually go back for more…’


She’s mushed a team of dogs in minus 60 degrees, ridden a camel through the desert, cycled thousands of kilometres and ridden a motorbike around New Zealand and driven around Australia alone. She’s travelled to more than 40 countries, been a cook, teacher, environmental scientist, unemployed, a photographer, a governess and a truckie. She’s had no fixed address and nowhere to sleep, no money in the bank and no food in the cupboard, no cupboard for food yet she’s also had her photo taken with the Prime Minister and the Queen (both at once!).


She can now add being a writer to her list of achievements. She’s been published in Pebbles in the Pond – Transforming the World One Person at a Time joining authors from around the world in sharing their touching and inspiring true stories of their personal trials, triumphs and ultimate transformations. The contributors share their straight-from-the-heart stories, seeking to inspire and challenge the reader to transform their toughest times and the insight gained into positive change.


Jane writes “I hope that by sharing a small part of my life, I can encourage others to believe in hopes and dreams and gain deep inner strength through adversity. … The message of my chapter is that life is not always a bed of roses – it’s sometimes a fast-flowing, muddy river. And if you can learn to enjoy the roller-coaster of life and keep believing in yourself, you can achieve your dreams.”


Book Launch

“Pebbles In the Pond – Transforming the World One Person at a Time”

With author Jane St Catherine

Friday 1 June

6.00pm – 7.30pm

Singleton Library


Bookings are essential