Travel Products

These are some of my favourite winter boots.  I love my red Tofino boots and they are the only boots I will take with me next time I travel to a cold destination. They are light, waterproof, warm and comfortable as well as looking perfect with a dress and tights or over pants. They’ll be my perfect winter travel boots.

Pacsafe high-tech anti-theft travel bags. I don’t own one yet, but I definitely will before I travel again. I’m looking at the Slingsafe GII 200 which I think will perfectly suit my needs as a ‘close to the body’ bag for my valuables. These bags contain a special RFID blocking material which prevents micro chip information being downloaded from your credit cards or passport. And they are made with puncture resistant and slashproof panels and straps and secure locking zips.

I normally travel with only one pair of shoes and Keen sandals are my first choice for any warm destination. They’re extremely comfortable and well padded underneath for long days walking around cities or off the beaten track. They’re designed for outdoors and are also perfect for canoeing, beach activities and any wet or dry activity.